Thursday, February 24, 2011

Logo: United Korean Presbyterian Church

This logo was designed for a church located in Memphis, TN. 

I was free to do whatever I wished for this logo and 
I immediately decided that I would not be incorporating a cross or a dove or a bible... 
So I came up with this crown made of thorns and placed it on top of the letter "C". 
Even though it stands for the word "Church", it could be thought of as "Christ", 
as Christ was forced to wear the crown of thorns as he was being crucified.
I also steered clear from fonts that are vastly used for church logos 
since this logo was to be used more for recreational purposes, 
such as church picnics, singing competitions, youth group outings and so on. 

fonts used 
Myriad Web, Myriad Condensed Web, Uddum

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